Beryllium Copper

Beryllium Copper alloys, after a specific heat treatment at low temperature, have a very high mechanical and fatigue resistance compared to other Copper alloys and an electrical conductivity superior to all alloys, potentially competing with like bronze.

CTPS provides three types of alloys:

The CuBe2 alloy with 2% Beryllium.
The CuNi2Be alloy with 0.4% Beryllium and 2% Nickel.
The CuBe2Pb alloy is similar to the CuBe2 alloy with the addition of 0.2% Lead.

The first two alloys are used for metal springs starting mainly from strip but also from wire.

They are used for electrical contacts mainly in the automotive and household appliance fields.

The first alloy contains more beryllium and is the most expensive, it is suitable for extremely long but not always essential life cycles, while the second alloy, while maintaining a very high performance life cycle, also has better thermal conductivity; therefore more suitable for producing microcontacts where higher temperatures may occur during use.

Consequently, CuBe2 with 2% Beryllium performs better and also finds applications in the aerospace, oil and gas industries.

The third alloy with a small addition of lead is used for the production of bars, allows the use of automatic processing machines and is used in the world of small connectors.



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