Fiber/Carbon materials

Rigid and soft felt in graphite and CFC (Composite carbon fibers)

Rigid felt is a rigid insulation material with low thermal conductivity based on carbon fibers. It shows its best performance at temperatures above 800°C in inert gas or vacuum furnaces.

It is possible to cover the rigid panels with layers of CFC sheets or reflective graphite foils.
Reflective graphite foils are used in heat treatment to protect and radiate heat.

Soft felts are flexible insulating materials for high-temperature applications in an inert or vacuum atmosphere and consist exclusively of carbon fibers.

CFC is a high-strength composite, consisting of a carbon or graphite matrix, fortified with very resistant carbon fibers. Its main characteristics are high fracture resistance, high thermal shock resistance, low thermal expansion and it is very resistant to higher temperatures.

We also supply ceramic products of different qualities for use in heat treatment furnaces.

The main fields of application of fiber materials are:

  • Construction and maintenance of vacuum or inert gas furnaces
  • Heat treatments
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • Semiconductor industry

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