Graphite Electrodes

Our graphite electrodes are specifically developed for use in electric furnaces for the production of steel and refractory products.

Thanks to their exceptional ability to conduct current, they allow a powerful arc discharge to be generated through the gas present in the lower part of the electrode. The heat generated by the arc allows the melting of steel scrap, withstanding extreme temperatures, which can exceed 3,500°C.

For over 30 years we have been supplying RP, HP and UHP quality graphite electrodes with diameters between 150 and 700 to the main European and global steel groups and refractory producers.

We offer accurate quality control at every stage of the process, from production to after-sales technical service, including warehousing and transportation services.

We can also offer customized solutions to meet specific needs, such as the use of our oxidizing treatment to reduce lateral oxidation of the electrodes and consequently their consumption.



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